Chocolate Chip Cookies

This is my favourite recipe for Chocolate Chip Cookies (I do not like them soggy or chewy - just so you know).And here are the ingredients:* 200g unsalted Butter* 1,5 cups yellow Sugar (yellow sugar is sucrose produced from sugar beet, which contains residual traces of syrup)* 2 Eggs* 2,25 cups of all purpose Flour* 1 … Continue reading Chocolate Chip Cookies


Happy Sunday Blogland!Today I want to share another quick and easy recipe. All you need is:500g of Broccoli200g of either white or brown (button) Mushroomssome WaterCream, Salt and Pepper to your taste Heat up some Oil in a Pot, cut the Broccoli and Mushrooms to half inch sized Pieces and add them into the Pot.Let … Continue reading Broccoli-Mushroom-Soup