Chocolate Chip Cookies

This is my favourite recipe for Chocolate Chip Cookies (I do not like them soggy or chewy - just so you know).And here are the ingredients:* 200g unsalted Butter* 1,5 cups yellow Sugar (yellow sugar is sucrose produced from sugar beet, which contains residual traces of syrup)* 2 Eggs* 2,25 cups of all purpose Flour* 1 … Continue reading Chocolate Chip Cookies


Happy Sunday Blogland!Today I want to share another quick and easy recipe. All you need is:500g of Broccoli200g of either white or brown (button) Mushroomssome WaterCream, Salt and Pepper to your taste Heat up some Oil in a Pot, cut the Broccoli and Mushrooms to half inch sized Pieces and add them into the Pot.Let … Continue reading Broccoli-Mushroom-Soup

Halibut, Aubergine, Spinach and Potato Croquettes

Happy Wednesday Blogland!Some time ago I made another yummie dish I wanted to share with you guys.It's steamed Halibut on some grilled eggplant, steamed baby spinach and potato croquettes (these do not have any other filling besides potato).And since thats all there is to it, there is no more elaborate recipe I think that needs … Continue reading Halibut, Aubergine, Spinach and Potato Croquettes