Catch my Dreams

Happy Sunday everyone!
I’ve been looking for new things to try since all of this being locked up at home is getting to me.
So this week I decided to give making a dream-catcher a try.
I didn’t want a crazy complicated, too colourful one but still a little girly.
So after some time – this is what I ended up with…

Have you picked up a new hobby lately or have you tried something new?
Hugs, Lia

Nautical Wedding Present

Today I want to show you a present I made for a colleague’s Wedding.
I got that “water jug” from a friend at work and all the rest was custom made. I glued that cord on with my hot glue-gun, added some flowers and pearls + rhinestones.
This jug was just the packaging of the present as bride and groom got some gift coupons which we rolled up, put into the jug and to hide them, we filled the jug half way with sand.

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Hugs, Lia

A Treasure Box with a Card…

What a long time it has been, more than 9 weeks – I’m sorry.
A lot has been going on, I’m trying to get back to my crafting routine, so today I can show you a Card I made as a request for a girl at work.
She’s giving away a box filled with sand and money for a wedding and she asked me to make a Card for the inside of the box (to cover the inside of the lid).
So here is what i made…

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Have a great day everyone!

Hugs, Lia