Sweet little Bunny

Hello everyone and welcome baaaaack =)
One of my dear friends at work left for her maternity leave and (of course) I made a little baby-album to use for the first couple of months with her little one and a matching card for everyone to sign and send her off with our best wishes…

I hope she’ll get some good use out of it for keeping all of those memories.

Hugs, Lia

A big bunny for a little one

Good morning everyone!

A girl at work is expecting her first baby and I decided to make an album for her (measuring 14.5×21 cm) for pictures and memories she wants to keep.
I also made a matching card which i can’t show you as it is already written and signed on.
I kept everything quite simple as any additional embellishment could come off and be eaten in the future =) Just wanted it to be as safe as possible so it can last as long as possible.

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Thanks for stopping by – enjoy your day!
Hugs, Lia

Picture Album

A couple of months back I made invitations for my grandparents’ diamond Wedding.
My sister was in charge of taking pictures at the lunch we had and asked me to make an album for all the images to go in.

I didn’t want to recreate the exact design I had stamped onto the Cards – so I just “winged” it and I like how it turned out.

As I was taking the pictures for this post, one of my cats – Ylvi – decided she wanted some attention and gave me the most jugding look she could “How DARE you take pictures of paper – I demand CUDDLES!”

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I hope you all have a fanstastic day!
Hugs, Lia

Baby Album

Happy Saturday everyone!

Today I want to share the pictures of a Baby Album I made.
My Dad’s assistant at work is expecting her second baby and he asked me to make an Album as a Gift for her.

So here it is…

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Hugs, Lia


Happy Birthdaaaaaay!

Another crafty Girl celebrated her birthday a few weeks back and here is the Book I made for her.

It’s again 6’x6′, also DSP with small areas covered with glossy accents.

The inside it just plain pages, without any lines on it, so she might use it for anything she’d like.

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And I hope she’ll get good use out of it!

Hugs, Lia