Christmas time is coming

Hello everyone!
I’ve been absent for a veeeeery long time – but some things have happened…

First, the move is finished, I’m in my new home and me and the cats are as happy as can be.
Then I’ve been busy runing the Challenge-Blog and working my normal daytime job “besides” all everthing.

But let me take you on a little journey and tell you why Christmas will be different this year than the last…
Over the last months my mother’s mom was in and out of hospitals and nursing home.
Around came Nov. 3rd and she was back in the hospital ’cause her heart and lungs were bad and she wasn’t getting any better. That day I had planned to go grocery shopping on a market near my home for my dad’s parents coming over in the afternoon for a visit.
Since my mom was on holiday and it was my duty to get everything set for moving granny from the hospital back to the nursing home, I had planned calling them if everything was okay and to get their plans checked.
So I got ready to leave for the market and thought of just calling the hospital so I could save time and just got a feeling that I’d go in and visit granny myself for a little while and then go shopping.
It turns 9 o’clock and off I go, packed with bags and basket – off to the hospital.
Long story short, at about 18 o’clock I leave the hospital, tired, out of energy, no shopping done, after spending the whole time next to her and having called my mom back from her holiday – I’ve said my goodbye, not knowing if I’ll see her again.
November 4th – it’s around 7 o’clock, I call my mom who’s spent the night with granny in the hospital, checking in on them. Mom says that granny cannot die yet, that she’s fighting.

It turns 8 o’clock – my phone rings – I look at the screen and it’s mom.. I know, what I’ll hear.
And I’m fine with it – we know we did all we could, made it as comfortable for her as we possibly could but she slipped away, fell asleep and took her last breath…

So this Christmas, I won’t be celebrating my birthday like I normally do with friends and family and happy – I want to spent some time with just being calm and thinking of all the people who are not here anymore, whom I miss so much and with everyone who leaves this life to move on, they all are that much more in my mind again.

If I can ask for one thing, it’s to remind you to enjoy the time and life you are given – everyone has their own battle to fight but no one has to fight alone. 

With that being said, I wish for you all to have a calm and joyful Advent and Christmas time and I’ll see you all soon !

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Hugs, Lia


Hello everyone!

Since I’ve been absent for quite a while now – it is time for an update on what’s happening =)

I am in the process of buying a new place, moving, a lot of work and no energy for crafting since the heating in my crafting area refuses to cooperate and I literally freeze my finders off if I am up there.

Soooo, for your dose of crafty inspiration I highly recommend visiting my Challengeblog  where there are always fun challenges to enter and see the awesome creations my girls make.


I hope I’ll be back to crafting soon after the moving is done and I can get settled into the new home – until then, take care everyone =)

Big hugs, Lia

DE – Herbst- und Winterkatalog

Einen schönen Montag allerseits!

Heute richte ich mich nur an meine deutschsprachigen Leser, denn Stampin’ Up! hat den neuen Herbst- und Winterkatalog veröffentlicht (dieser gilt von 1. September 17 bis 2. Januar 18).

Mit kleiner Verspätung findet ihr nun auch bei mir oben unter der Leiste “Stampin’Up!” die Kataloge in deutscher, englischer und französischer Version.

Hier noch die Links direkt:

Wenn ihr eine Bestellung aufgeben möchtet, könnt ihr das gerne per mail unter machen – oder aber auch oben mit Klick auf den Online-Store.

Sollten irgendwelche Fragen auftauchen – immer her damit =)

Ich freue mich schon, von euch zu hören!

Alles Liebe, Lia